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Let Me Tell You Why Link Building Is So Important For Your Site’s Traffic

Many people that build sites and start a link building campaign don’t get anywhere. Don’t let that discourage you because you are going to get somewhere. I said the initial statement to be truthful and to lead you into a story I have to tell you. The story involves a huge software guru and programmer friend of mine. He happens to have developed a site with a successful link building campaign alongside it, and I have witnessed the results.

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As you are aware, link building helps you with SEO and getting organic traffic from the search results. When my friend started the site, he brought a lot of us writers with him and we provided the content. It is a Q & A site that he is still currently building. After getting it started, he began a link building campaign. I even provided one of the guest articles for a top website that he needed to get the link back to the site.

That is one of the ways you can approach link building, a very popular way I might add. He did this a lot at first because us writers volunteered to do the articles. I should add that he paid us for the content we provided. Now, he did other things to help the site, including starting social media accounts and implementing other SEO Services. However, the site benefited most organically from the link building campaign.

When he gave us the monthly be reports for views at first, it was our social media views that got the biggest numbers, but I’m talking about what happened later on. The organic views kept increasing, and it is amazing how many hits some of the questions get in comparison to others. He hasn’t said anything about the link building campaign in a while, but I am thinking he continued it for sure. he has now gone onto working with big London agencies such and who are a Wembley¬†SEO agency

Of course, it’s not just link building that helps your Website SEO. And as networked, as he is and as many writers as he had helping, the project is still sidelined as far as full speed ahead. He is still growing the site, and it just takes time. He is still doing work behind the scenes, and of course, the domain being a Q&A site, it can just keep growing. I really like the project, and I also think it is a great example of what link building can do for your site’s organic traffic.